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Which of my photographs is my favorite?

The one I am going to take tomorrow.


                                                 ---IMOGEN CUNNINGHAM



My name is Allen Cao, and I’m a professional photographer based in Portland Oregon. I have been intrigued by and passionate about the art of photography since childhood.  I am addicted to photography that has followed me throughout my life. For me, photography is not a profession but a passion. Every time when I “click” the button, I feel the all the beautiful & valuable moments are coming through the lenses into my mind. I believe the art of photography can distill reality into a personal vision. 


My approach is to capture the spirit and emotion of your side in an artistic and creative way while at the same time revealing moments that might have gone unnoticed.


Through my lenses, your photographs will be more than just photos. They will be works of art. And they will be like you…real, fun and filled with love.

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